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Over 150 People Sketch 10 Famous Logos From Memory, And The Results Are Hilarious

Famous Brand Logos Drawn From Memory Famous brand logos would be quite easy to draw, well one would think. Drawing the Apple logo and Target logo would seem immensely simple for any one, do you think big brands have spent their money well? Signs.com…
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logo hunt

Hunting Down Logos for A Rebrand

Logo Hunt Challenge Logo hunt is logo challenge and collaboration with Connor Fowler. The logo hunt challenge was…

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  • 6. Oct
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dc logo challenge

Redesigning The DC Comics Logo

DC Logo Challenge DC logo challenge was logoinspirations' second logo design challenge. The logo challenge was…

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  • 9. Aug
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how much does a logo cost

Logo Pricing, How Much Should You Charge?

How Much Does A Logo Cost? How much does a logo cost? It's a question that has plagued the logo designer more than it…

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Beautiful Coffee Logos Incorporated In Branding

Coffee Branding, Your Caffeine Fix Coffee branding curated into a sublime collection for your creative pleasure, these beautiful specimens are a treat for the eyes. From the logo all the way to the well thought out packaging, they are top notch case…
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city badge logo challenge

Portraying Your City In A Logo Badge

City Badge Logo Challenge City badge logo challenge was a collaboration with Lucas Fields. The logo challenge was…

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  • 9. Jul
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American Trademark Designs

American Trademark Designs

American Trademark Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive S) American Trademarks Designs - This collection of 732 American…

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  • 2. Jul
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perfect grid book

The Perfect Grid: A Creative’s Guide To Instagram

Perfect Grid Book – An eBook by Ales Nesetril Perfect Grid Book – Written with creatives of all types and…

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Field Notes

Field Notes notebooks the go to pocket notebook Field Notes is an American notebook brand headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. That designs, prints and manufactures memo books and related accessories. Founded in 2007, the brand is a joint venture…
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mermaid logos

20 Creative Mermaid Logos

Mermaids Logos Bringing A Tide of Inspiration  Mermaid logos - Today we've curated a collection of creative mermaid…

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  • 18. Jun
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Dealing with Defeat

How to Deal with Defeat

Dealing with Defeat Dealing with Defeat - How do you deal with losing the biggest project of your life? What can you…

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  • 8. Jun
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burn your portfolio

Burn Your Portfolio – Stuff They Don’t Teach You in Design School, But Should

Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda It takes more than just a design school education and a killer portfolio to…

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