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  • 22. Oct
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Over 150 People Sketch 10 Famous Logos From Memory, And The Results Are Hilarious

Famous Brand Logos Drawn From Memory Famous brand logos would be quite easy to draw, well one would think. Drawing the Apple logo and Target logo would seem immensely simple for any one, do you think big brands have spent their money well? Signs.com…
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logo hunt

Hunting Down Logos for A Rebrand

Logo Hunt Challenge Logo hunt is logo challenge and collaboration with Connor Fowler. The logo hunt challenge was…

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  • 6. Oct
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dc logo challenge

Redesigning The DC Comics Logo

DC Logo Challenge DC logo challenge was logoinspirations' second logo design challenge. The logo challenge was…

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  • 9. Aug
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Coffee Branding

Beautiful Coffee Logos Incorporated In Branding

Coffee Branding, Your Caffeine Fix Coffee branding curated into a sublime collection for your creative pleasure, these…

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  • 21. Jul
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  • 9. Jul
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Portraying Your City In A Logo Badge

City Badge Logo Challenge City badge logo challenge was a collaboration with Lucas Fields. The logo challenge was created as a medium to bring designers together and inspire each other. And also see how designers portrayed their cities in a badge…
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mermaid logos

20 Creative Mermaid Logos

Mermaids Logos Bringing A Tide of Inspiration  Mermaid logos - Today we've curated a collection of creative mermaid…

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  • 18. Jun
  • 222
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Superhero Logos

Superhero Logos by Baboon Creation

Superhero Logos In Animated Line Art Superhero logos are now everywhere because of comic book block buster movies.…

  • Minimal
  • 3. Jun
  • 192
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Animated Logos

Animated Logos by Kiril Climson

Animated Logos Is A Growing Trend Animated logos are starting to take a front seat in the age of online presence.…

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  • 23. May
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  • 7. Apr
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Designers Create Awesome Logos for Endangered Animals

Endangered Animal Logos To create more awareness for endangered animals, four designers; Daniel Bodea, Cajvanean Alexandru, Petar Shalamanov and Martigny Matthieu have come together to create a beautiful set of logos and bring attention to the…
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famous band logos

History of Famous Band Logos

Famous band logos and how they came to be Famous Band Logos - Great bands have always had great logos to accompany…

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  • 2. Apr
  • 118
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owl logos

25 Beautiful Owl Logos

Owl Logos Imparting Some Design Wisdom  Owl logos - It's time to impart some wisdom with a beautiful set of Owl…

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  • 8. Mar
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George Bokhua Logo Grid Collection

Logo Grid Logos are Timeless Marks Logo grid - As a logo designer when a logo has been created using grids, the sense…

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  • 12. Feb
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