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  • 19. Feb
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Our Logo Trend Forecast for 2017

Logo Trends 2017 Logo trends 2017 – As we begin to wander into 2017, who knows what logo design trends may lie ahead. Like clothes and hairstyles, logos have trends too. It is quite clear how far we’ve come in terms of simplification and…
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famous rebrands of 2016

Famous Logo Rebrands of 2016

Famous Rebrands of 2016 Famous Rebrands of 2016 - What a year it's been in the world of logo design, many…

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  • 24. Dec
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photoshop or illustrator

Photoshop or Illustrator for Logo Design

Photoshop or Illustrator Photoshop or Illustrator - When we design logos a majority of us probably use Adobe…

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  • 29. Nov
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steps to create a perfect logo

Important Steps When Creating A Logo

11 Steps to Create a Perfect Logo Steps to Create a Perfect Logo - When designing a logo, a designer has to consider…

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  • 6. Nov
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  • 11. Oct
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New Australian Open Logo Is Revealed

Australian Open Rebrand Australian Open Rebrand – It seems that minimalism is the trend for logo design in 2016. The Australian Open has also joined the band wagon by finally revealing its new logo and saying goodbye to its old logo which…
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david milan

Brand Logos Turned Into Beautiful Calligraphic Art

David Milan Rebranded Calligraphic Art Series David Milan is a lettering and calligraphy artist from Madrid, Spain,…

  • Typography
  • 22. Sep
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deliveroo rebrand

Deliveroo Goes with the Flat Design

Deliveroo Rebrand Deliveroo Rebrand - When I first heard of Deliveroo I thought it was an Australian delivery service.…

  • Rebranding
  • 14. Sep
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mozilla's new logo

The Seven Candidates For Mozilla’s New Logo

Mozilla's New Logo Has Seven Candidates, Who Will Win? Mozilla's new logo needs to be great and gain approval from…

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  • 20. Aug
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