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  • 3. Jun
  • 196

Superhero Logos by Baboon Creation

Superhero Logos In Animated Line Art Superhero logos are now everywhere because of comic book block buster movies. Capitalising on the hype, Canadian design studio Baboon Creation has created a beautiful series of Superhero emblems in an animated…
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bolt logo


Bolt Logo by Laurentiu Cotet facebook.com/cotetlaurentiu instagram.com/laurentiucotet twitter.com/laurentiucotet

  • Minimal
  • 13. May
  • 31
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circle logo

Bent Circle

Circle Logo by George Bokhua dribbble.com/george-bokhua instagram.com/george_bokhua twitter.com/GeorgeBokhua

  • Minimal
  • 12. Mar
  • 18
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book logo


Book Logo by Filippo Borghetti

  • Minimal
  • 1. Mar
  • 75
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  • 13. Dec
  • 96

Animals Drawn with a Single Line

One Line Logos by DFT One line logos – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and it is true with this series of logos by Differantly. At first the mono-line logos may seem like a walk in the park, but upon practice, it clearly is not.…
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minimal brand logos

The Power of Brand Logos In Minimal Form

Minimal Brand Logos Minimal brand logos - brands have become so powerful that their colours and shapes have a…

  • Logo Collection
  • 30. Oct
  • 52
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australian open rebrand

New Australian Open Logo Is Revealed

Australian Open Rebrand Australian Open Rebrand - It seems that minimalism is the trend for logo design in 2016. The…

  • Rebranding
  • 11. Oct
  • 126
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gumtree rebrand

Gumtree’s Simplified Tree Icon

Gumtree Rebrand Gumtree Rebrand - Gumtree's unveiling of it's new branding earlier this year centres round a…

  • Minimal
  • 3. Oct
  • 33
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  • 3. Jul
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Logo Spotlight: Qvalis Visual Identity

Fitness Branding Qvalis Visual Identity Qvalis Fitness Branding Designed by Larssen & Amaral, Eric Amaral Rohter, Cecilie Larssen Lønning “Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Qvalis is a health and fitness company established by Norwegian…
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