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37 Appealing Bank Logos

Bank logos had been on my list of logo collections for a while and I finally jumped online and found the best and most famous banking logo marks. We trust them with our money and they handle business’s finances, so their branding needs to be up to scratch, by presenting customers with a trust-worthy brand identity. I hope this collection of logos sparks your creativity! If you’ve designed a great logo mark then send it to us by using the submit form.

My top 5 personal favourites from the bank logos list are ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group), HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), NAB (National Australia Bank), Chase Bank and Citibank. What are your favourites from the list? Or is there one not on this list which is a great bank logo?

Be your own banker
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bank logo

What gets measured gets managed.

If sports teams never kept score during a game, how would the winner be determined? When it comes to your business’s finances, you have to keep track of money coming in and out to know if your business is profitable. Manage your money now!


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