American Trademark Designs

American Trademark Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive S)

American Trademarks Designs – This collection of 732 American trademarks and symbols is widely representative of major trends in American trademark design. The marks are in categories and are chosen from local and internationally known examples.

American Trademark Designs is a reprint in black-and-white, the marks appear here in their standard form on many mediums. For several current trademarks, earlier versions are also in illustration form and have their dates too, tracing trademark genealogies of possible interest both as history and also design.

This is a remarkable sourcebook for graphic artists, students, and commercial designers. Social psychologists, market researchers, and others interested in group behaviour may find it the starting point of ideas and experiments. In conclusion this book also has a curious fascination as browsing, illustrating at a glance how familiar, memorable, and widespread trademarks seem to be.

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