australian open rebrand

New Australian Open Logo Is Revealed

Australian Open Rebrand

Australian Open Rebrand – It seems that minimalism is the trend for logo design in 2016. The Australian Open has also joined the band wagon by finally revealing its new logo and saying goodbye to its old logo which lasted more than two decades.

The new logo features the “AO” abbreviation. Which tournament organisers say maybe “long synonymous with the Australian Open in a country famous for affectionate abbreviations”. The logo is a design by Landor Australia.

Dominic Walsh, managing director of Landor Australia, wants the new identity to support the Australian Open’s reputation for innovation. And he explains, “While the brand needs to remain simple and recognisable. It also needs to be given the flexibility to be agile, adapting and responding to any environment.”

Furthermore, a few days before the logo reveal, the organisers set a prank on Twitter by revealing a fake logo. Which threw tennis fans into an absolute frenzy.

australian open rebrand
The “new” logo.

australian open rebrand


australian open rebrand




australian open rebrand


australian open rebrand


australian open rebrand

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  • mike brunt

    Farewell old friend!
    I designed the original ‘serving silhouette’ back in ’94. Based on a shadow in a photograph, it is of no particular player. Inspired by years of junior/senior Saturday tennis on the ‘en tout cas’ courts of the Blackburn Tennis Club in the ’70’s. Definitely dated and yes time for a change for the better. Will the new logo, born of marketing more than inspiration ‘serve’ tennis fans as well in Australia and around the world? Always a tricky brief! Based in London since ’95, am proud to have created an image that has been a part of Australian sporting calendar for over 20yrs. Rs MB

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