book of ideas

Radim Malinic’s Book of Ideas 2

Book of Ideas 2: A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design Book of Ideas - vol.2…

  • Book Suggestions
  • 25. Nov
  • 2.5K
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esports logos

31 Professional Esports Logos

Esports Logos, An Emerging Market eSports (also known as electronic sports, esports, e-sports, competitive (video)…

  • Logo Collection
  • 13. Nov
  • 1.9K
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brewery logos

Brewery Logos

33 Skillfully Crafted Brewery Logos In today's blog post I've curated 33 brewery logos that I've come across while…

  • Logo Collection
  • 8. Nov
  • 1.8K
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Morph 3D by Underbelly Creative

Underbelly Creative is a digital design and development agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We talk to them about…

  • Interviews
  • 6. Nov
  • 1K
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hand logos

Hand Logos

25 Beautifully Designed Hand Logos In today's blog post I've curated 25 beautiful and unique hand logos that I've come…

  • Logo Collection
  • 1. Nov
  • 2.1K
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Kropki Kreski Studio Logo Marks 11-18

Kropki Kreski Studio is a creative agency based in Łódź, Poland. Listed below are some of their best logo marks…

  • Logo Collection
  • 30. Oct
  • 1.1K
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Flavourful Branding For Tacos

Tacos Brand Identities In this brand collection, we've compiled some of the best taco identities.  The flamboyant and…

  • Logo Collection
  • 20. Sep
  • 1.3K
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Logo Hunt 2.0

Logo Hunt Challenge Logo hunt is logo challenge and collaboration with Connor Fowler. The logo hunt challenge was…

  • Logo Challenge
  • 8. Sep
  • 2.8K
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diego leyva logos

Logo Showcase: Diego Leyva

Diego Leyva is a designer based in Mexico City, he is also the founder of Latente Studio. Listed below are some of his…

  • Logo Collection
  • 5. Aug
  • 3.1K
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izabela piotrowiak logos

Logo Showcase: Izabela Piotrowiak

Izabela Piotrowiak is a graphic designer based in Warsaw, Poland. Listed below are some of her best logo marks from…

  • Logo Collection
  • 29. Jul
  • 5.2K
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designmodo rebrand

Designmodo Rebrand by Paul von Excite

Designmodo Rebrand & Words by Paul von Excite (@paulvonexcite) Introduction Approached by Sergey, Co-Founder of…

  • Rebranding
  • 8. Jul
  • 2.7K
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world cup logo challenge

World Cup Logo Challenge

Rebranding Your Country's National Football Team ⚽🏆 The Word Cup Logo Challenge was a collaboration…

  • Logo Challenge
  • 1. Jul
  • 7.3K
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