oval badge logo designs

The distinct curves of an oval emit a beautiful frequency of design, this shape enhances the design of a badge logo…

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coffee cup designs

A good coffee can taste even better when it's served in a beautifully designed cup. Especially if a designer gets a…

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taylor fencing logo rebrand

A logo rebrand is an exciting project so I started an exercise called Bad Logos Gone Good where I simply redesign a…

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retro logos

Retro Logos have made a comeback in recent years with more refined and clean details. They were huge in the 80s,…

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affordable high quality fonts

Affordable high quality fonts are hard to come by for designers, some bundles and font families can be in excess of…

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bank logos

Bank logos had been on my list of logo collections for a while and I finally jumped online and found the best and most…

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watch logos

Working from home and got time on you hands? Then spend a few minutes scrolling through today's blog post where I've…

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dog logos

In today's blog post I've curated 29 dog logos that I've come across while exploring logos online, I hope this…

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matt vergotis logos

Matt Vergotis is a designer based in Gold Coast, Australia, he is the Creative Director of VERG. Listed below are some…

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the shortmarket club main

The Shortmarket Club Restaurant and Bar Branding "I worked closely with owners Luke Dale Roberts, Head Chef Wesley…

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city of eagan branding

City of Eagan Branding "We had the opportunity to partner with the City of Eagan on a large rebranding effort that…

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book of ideas

Book of Ideas 2: A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design Book of Ideas - vol.2…

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