logo marks blog post david romero

Logo Showcase: David Romero

David Romero is a multidisciplinary designer based in Elx/Elche, Spain. Listed below are 50 of his best logo marks.…

  • Logo Collection
  • 14. May
  • 4.5K
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rabbit logo tutorial

Rabbit Logo Tutorial by Eren Gurbuz

In this tutorial Eren Gurbuz of Shmart Studio will show you how he created this negative space rabbit logo. He goes…

  • Logo Tutorial
  • 14. May
  • 5.5K
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under armour rebrand

Under Armour Rebrand by Sean MacLean

Under Armour Rebrand doesn't seem like three words that would go together, but designer Sean MacLean seems to think…

  • Rebranding
  • 5. May
  • 15.5K
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bell logo tutorial

Bell Logo Tutorial by Samuel Ayobami

In this tutorial Samuel Ayobami of Bami Design will show you how he created this minimal bell logo. He goes through…

  • Logo Tutorial
  • 4. May
  • 3.8K
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superhero badge challenge

Superhero Badge Challenge

Superheroes and Villains Go Head to Head The Superhero Badge Challenge was a collaboration with LogoInspirations and…

  • Logo Challenge
  • 30. Apr
  • 3.5K
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club crest challenge

Club Crest Challenge

Soccer Clubs Get Some Fresh New Fan-Made Crests  The Club Crest Challenge was a collaboration with LogoInspirations…

  • Logo Challenge
  • 30. Mar
  • 5.2K
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plates and cups cafe

Visual Identity for Plates and Cups Cafe

Cafe Branding by Olena Fedorova Plates and Cups Cafe is a cafe located in Lviv, Ukraine. And their visual identity…

  • Logo Spotlight
  • 4. Mar
  • 2.8K
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logos in black

Studio Showcase: Chris Trivizas

Logos in Black Volume III Chris Trivizas is an award winning creative studio based in Athens, Greece. They have been…

  • Logo Showcase
  • 3. Mar
  • 8.4K
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outdoor badge challenge

Outdoor Badge Challenge

What Happens When You Mix a Love for the Outdoors with Logo Design? Almost a 1000 Outdoor Badges  The Outdoor Badge…

  • Logo Challenge
  • 26. Feb
  • 5.4K
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modern typography

Modern Typefaces

39 Beautiful Modern Typography Logos Modern typography has become some what of a fascination with it's evolution in…

  • Logo Collection
  • 12. Feb
  • 9K
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famous rebrands of 2017

81 Famous Logo Rebrands From The Year That Was 2017

Famous Rebrands of 2017 Famous Rebrands of 2017 – Well it's been a year filled with many rebrands, it almost seemed…

  • Logo News
  • 4. Jan
  • 16.3K
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top nine 2017

Top Nine 2017

These Are The Top Nine Logos On Our Instagram Page For 2017 Instead of just sharing a screenshot of the top nine posts…

  • Categories
  • 24. Dec
  • 5.8K
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