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Soccer Clubs Get Some Fresh New Fan-Made Crests 

The Club Crest Challenge was a collaboration with LogoInspirations and Trey Ingram. Trey is a professional graphic designer who has gained popularity online with his own take on crests for soccer teams. His creations feature clean, flat designs with beautiful details, you can checkout more of his work on his Dribbble profile.

The participants of the challenge had to redesign the crest of their favourite soccer club, the challenge produced close to 400 submissions.

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A huge thank you to everyone who participated and also many thanks to Trey Ingram for the collaboration. Scroll down to find out who won the logo challenge, and sign up here for the next logo design challenge. If you’d like to collaborate or if you have any ideas for future challenges, let us know.

Challenge Details

Previous Logo Design Challenges

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Peter Voth – Winner club crest challengeclub crest challenge

Alejandro Rodriguez – Runner-up

Eren Gurbuz – 2nd Runner-up

Jose Arroyo – 3rd Runner-up

Paul Goodman – 4th Runner-up

Some of the favourites

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