dafont rebrand

DaFont Needs A Good Rebrand

DaFont Rebrand

DaFont rebrand – Almost every designer has been to dafont.com, it has become a staple in a designer’s arsenal. However the design of the site remains the same after many years.

Maybe a fresh look is what it needs to bring itself into the modern era of clean UI interfaces. Well Wendy Borg, a designer from the Netherlands, has just the answer for this. She has done a splendid job in creating a beautiful logo and also UI interface.

It would be great if DaFont would incorporate this design and eventually give itself a great new look. Checkout more creative rebranding projects here.

dafont rebranddafont rebranddafont rebranddafont rebranddafont rebranddafont rebranddafont rebranddafont rebrand

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