famous rebrands of 2017

Famous Rebrands of 2017

Famous Rebrands of 2017 – Well it’s been a year filled with many rebrands, it almost seemed like everyone was jumping on the rebrand band wagon. The one that got the most attention was the F1 logo, and the majority of the design community didn’t seem to fancy it.

Watch Chris Do’s critique of the F1 rebrand.

The trend for most of the rebrands from last year was clean and flat design with sans serif fonts. What do you think worked in 2017? Is there a notable rebrand that we missed? let us know in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to check out the famous logo rebrands from 2016.

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famous logo rebrands 2017NASCAR Redesign / No design credit given.

famous logo rebrands 2017Better Homes and Gardens by Lippincott

Juventus F.C. by Interbrand

Mozilla by Johnson Banks

Yatra by N/A

Calvin Klein by Peter Saville

City of Boston by IDEO

Accenture by N/A

Activia by Futurebrand

Tourism Tunisia by Design Tagebuch

City of Vancouver by N/A

ALDI by illion. Markensocietaet.

Kraków by Dorota Kozak

City of Columbia by N/A

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf by N/A

Sports World by N/A

Carmex by Anthem

Carl’s Jr. and Hardees by 72andSunny

McAfee by N/A

Minnesota Timberwolves by Rare Design

Orchestre Symphonique de Québec by lg2

Cyprus Airways by N/A

Format, designed in-house.

The Huffington Post by Work-Order

Quorn by Bulletproof

Bleacher Report, designed in-house.

Audi by Strichpunkt and KMS TEAM

Live Nation by N/A

Hawaiian Airlines by Lippincott

Tapout by Authentic Brands Group

Hilton by N/A

Portland Trail Blazers by N/A

SB Nation, designed in-house.

Detroit Pistons by N/A

Sydney Football Club by N/A

Eredivisie by Dog and Pony

Conmebol by N/A

Genesys by Landor

Ubisoft by N/A

Cleveland Cavaliers by Nike Identity Group

Sennheiser by N/A

Suncorp Group Limited by N/A

Foxtel by MAUD

Prime by N/A

Skype by N/A

Patreon by N/A

Freshdesk by N/A

Opel by N/A

SYFY by Loyalkaspar

Cloud Elements by N/A

NBA by OCD | The Original Champions of Design, Commercial Type and Erik van Blokland

World Vision by Interbrand

Survey Monkey by N/A

Business Insider by N/A

Converse by N/A

Big W by N/A

Tinder by N/A

Tender Greens by Paula Scher

iOS App Store by N/A

Pinterest by N/A

APL by N/A

Badoo, designed in-house

Remax by Camp + King

Medium by Manual and in-house

YouTube, designed in-house

Stripe, designed in-house

Hyundai by Creative Works

eharmony by N/A

Dropbox by COLLINS, Dropbox’s in-house team, Dropbox Brand Studio; as well as InstrumentXXIXSharp Type, and Animade.

Mozilla Firefox by N/A

Vodafone by Brand Union

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio by N/A

CoverGirl by Paul Sych

Udemy by Duncan Channon and in-house

Windows 10 Microsoft Store by N/A

Kindle Icon by N/A

Kickstarter by Order

F1 by Wieden + Kennedy

Chobani, designed in-house

Uber Eats by N/A

famous logo rebrands 2017TuneIn, designed in-house

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  1. I don’t really like “famous-rebrands” because they are full of ugly redesigns. How about creating a list of…

  2. Trend seemed to be much cleaner and stripped back designs. Seeing a lot of helvética/Swiss design minimalism to most of these – it’s very nice.

  3. Quite a few of the redesigns are atrocious :/ Def a trend of greater legibility. Logos are becoming more bland. Less character.

  4. Loved the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec logo redesign. There is a general trend towards simpler, cleaner marks, which is great because this style is right up my alley as a designer.

  5. Logos are becoming more simpler, clear and bold. They consider a more global approach ensuring that their audience outreach is wide, that may be they can ‘clearly’ read it or take a visual note . Great share.

  6. […] It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, design is crucial across all fields. Great design not only helps your brand stand out, but it also creates an experience with your customers that connects them deeply to your brand and, ultimately, builds loyalty. It’s not just trim and frills: Design can have a lasting impact on brand recognition and customer retention. It’s why we’ve seen an explosion of rebrands. […]


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