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How to Design Better Logos

How to Design a Logo with Derrick Stratton

How to Design a Logo – In this video Derrick goes through the design of a logo using grids. He imports one of his logo sketches in Adobe Illustrator and uses circles and guides to attain the perfect logo.

You can subscribe to Derrick’s YouTube channel where he posts many more videos. These videos pertain to his other logo creations, you can also follow him on Instagram @DaseDesigns, watch the video below.

Every wondered why some logo designs have the perfect shape, while others don’t? In this video I will be going over one of my Favourite methods for creating perfect shapes while designing a logo!

Learn Logo Design

Learn logo design in a masterclass by the team at LogoCore. The course is for beginners and even intermediate designers who are looking to improve their skills.

learn logo design

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