how to design a portfolio

Create A Portfolio to Get A Job

How to Design a Portfolio

How to Design a Portfolio – In this video by The Futur get a valuable look inside the mind of Master Designer and CEO of Blind: Chris Do, as he talks about what employers like himself look for in a portfolio. Learn the criteria employers use to judge your portfolio and the manner and context in which they’ll see it. What is the purpose of your portfolio? What are you trying to accomplish with it?

For more videos subscribe to TheFutur’s YouTube channel here. We hope this video helps you with your early stages in graphic design, enjoy!

learn logo design

Learn Logo Design

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  • Takudzwa Gwindingwi

    I am a design student in South Africa. The design standard here is not as high as the western world. How do i make a portfolio that can get me a job out of africa?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hello guys, I’m a brazillian web designer and I want get a job outside my country. Do you have another tips for me?

  • graffitix branding

    Hello! am ismail from Nigeria. Mostly you use illustrator mostly on your designs. What about people like us that use coreldraw?

  • G.designer

    Hello I am surbhi from India. I am a designer and I want to explore and get job out of my country. What should I do

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