September 8, 2018

Logo Hunt 2.0

Logo Hunt Challenge

Logo hunt is logo challenge and collaboration with Connor Fowler. The logo hunt challenge was initiated as an exercise to make logo designers explore the areas they live in and find logos worth rebranding.

The result was quite successful with over 1000 submissions! It was a difficult process selecting the best design, but we were able to come to a conclusion and select a winner and four runners-up. We’ve also listed some of our favourites from the challenge.

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A huge thank you to everyone who participated and also many thanks to Connor Fowler for the collaboration. Scroll down to find out who won the logo challenge, and sign up here for the next logo design challenge. If you’d like to collaborate or if you have any ideas for future challenges, let us know.

Challenge Details

Previous Logo Design Challenges

learn logo design

New Garden Society – Winner

Austin McKinney – Runner-up

Nathan Holthus – 2nd Runner-up

Liches – 3rd Runner-up

Asparagoose Design Co – 4th Runner-up


Learn Logo Design

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