Logo Reference Guide

Logo Reference Guide by Michael Evamy

The logo reference guide, this book provides graphic designers with an indispensable reference source for contemporary logo design. It has more than 1300 logos according to their focal form, symbol and graphic associations into 75 categories. Groups such as crosses, stars, crowns, animals, people, handwritten, illustrative type, etc. To emphasize the visual form of the logos, they are predominantly in black and white. In addition highlight logos are shown in colour.

“The next time you are going to design a logo, take a look at this book. Chances are, it has already been done. By raising the bar, this wonderful resource will make better designers of all of us.” – Michael Bierut of Pentagram Design.

By sorting a vast, international array of current logotypes ranging from those of small, design-led businesses to global brands. The book offers design consultancies a ready resource to draw upon in the research phase of identity projects. Logos are also in an alphabetical index by name of company/designer and by industrial sector, making it easy to piece together a picture of the state of the identity art in any client’s marketplace.


logo reference guide

logo reference guide

logo reference guide

logo reference guide

logo reference guide

logo reference guide

logo reference guide

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