logo trends 2017

Logo Trends 2017

Logo trends 2017 – As we begin to wander into 2017, who knows what logo design trends may lie ahead. Like clothes and hairstyles, logos have trends too. It is quite clear how far we’ve come in terms of simplification and clean design.

2016 was a year of minimalistic branding from Instagram to deliveroo, most of the rebrands were met with discord.

We analysed the logo trends that have begun to take hold of platforms like dribbble and also the logos on our Instagram page that received the most engagement. These are our predictions for the top logo design trends in 2017.

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As design progresses it becomes more apparent to us that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Notable designers with this style: Aaron DraplinMichael Bierut

logo trends 2017

Recent simplified rebrands

Negative Space

This form of logo design continues to grow, it also has the most engagement and appreciation.
Notable designers with this style: George Bokhua, Sava StoicMartigny MatthieuKakha Kakhadzen

logo trends 2017

Negative space logos

Overlapping Gradients

This unique style of logo design is taking off! mainly with a lot of software start-ups that choose to portray a vibrant feel.
Notable designers with this style: Jeroen van Eerden, Ivan Bobrov, Yoga Perdana

logo trends 2017

Gradient logos

Geometric Shapes

Geometric polygon logos, another voluptuous trend to look out for. This trend is quite interesting when the designer gives the logo form with the use of shapes.
Notable designers with this style: Mr. SIMCBreno BitencourtBradley F. Edwards, Ross Bruggink

logo trends 2017

Polygon styled logos

Line Art / Monolines

The use of thin lines to achieve an aesthetically appealing logo design.
Notable designers with this style: Brian Steely, Kendrick Kidd, Steve Wolf

logo trends 2017

Line art / monoline logos

Modern Retro (Bold Lines)

Think of bold retro logos, but cleaner.
Notable designers with this style: Aaron DraplinBrenden Goodcuff

logo trends 2017

Modern retro logos


A revival of fun, character driven logo designs are making a comeback. But instead of being complicated, these designs are clean, with flat colours and little detail.
Notable designers with this style: Alfrey Davilla, Daniel Bodea, Nadir Balcikli

logo trends 2017

Cartoon logos


This trend continues to dominate the logo design landscape.
Notable designers with this style: Lucas Fields, Nadia Castro, Amy Bridgeforth

logo trends 2017

Minimal logo design

Vintage Grunge (Honorable Mention)

Notable designers with this style: Dan Bradley

logo trends 2017

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  1. Great Trend simplicity is the best & easy to remember

  2. I’m definitely more of a cartoon designer, but my favourite style at present is the gradient.

  3. Thanks. We will keep the right course.

  4. It’s interesting to see that logos are getting to be much more simplistic. I personally prefer the ones that use a lot of color. I feel like the cartoon ones would be the best way to reach a wide variety of people.

  5. Thanks for sharing!

    We think that the next logo design trend will be simple and animated broken letters.

  6. Minimal is always good for business, brands nowadays prefer to convey the business in a minimal & effective way.

  7. Just find this nice article. This logo trends also are actual today. Thank you for article which inspire me!


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