perfect grid book

Perfect Grid Book – An eBook by Ales Nesetril

Perfect Grid Book – Written with creatives of all types and backgrounds in mind, The Perfect Grid covers the crucial aspects of the self-promotion process in six easy and actionable chapters: Get Inspired, Find Your Audience, Create Great Content, Develop Your Style, Build Effective Habits and Grow Your Audience.

Learn how to:

  • Document and share your creative work and lifestyle
  • Build an authentic personal brand online
  • Connect with likeminded designers


Ales Nesetril is a twenty-four year old designer from the Czech Republic whose career began at the age of sixteen. He is currently the Creative Director at STRV and has collaboration projects that have been features in Forbes, Vogue, FastCompany, Hypebeast, 9to5Mac and WSJ.


perfect grid book

perfect grid book

perfect grid book

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