photoshop or illustrator

Photoshop or Illustrator

Photoshop or Illustrator – When we design logos a majority of us probably use Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore it is a vector software which is not a part of a bitmap.

Yes both programs are capable of producing a logo, but when we consider resizing or reshaping a logo, it’s a no brainer. Also resizing a logo in Photoshop would totally diminish the quality of the image.

Some reasons for using Adobe Illustrator in logo design

  1. Logos are resizable without losing quality
  2. Using the grid system for perfect alignment
  3. Vector files are smaller in size
  4. Easier to dissect shapes

Watch this video rant by Will Paterson, as he gives you the reasoning behind using Adobe Illustrator for logo design instead of Photoshop. Subscribe to Will’s channel here.

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  1. I really agree that Illustrstor is made for logo design.


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