Top Nine 2017

These Are The Top Nine Logos On Our Instagram Page For 2017

Instead of just sharing a screenshot of the top nine posts for 2017 from the Top Nine app. I thought I’d create a blog post and give the logo designers more prominence. The top nine list is not of the top posts but rather the top logos with the most likes in the past year.  The top post from 2017 was a meme and I didn’t think it should warrant for a top spot, logoinspirations is a platform for logo design, hence the top nine logos.

The total likes received for @logoinspirations in 2017 is 13.2 million. The stats for the logo posts are taken on December 24th, 2017. If you want to improve your logo design skills and make the top nine next year, then check out the logo masterclass by LogoCore, click here.

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Number 1 – @shibupg 22,113 likes
top nine 2017

Number 2 – @wiktor_ares 17,263 likes
top nine 2017

Number 3 – @cpuentesdesign 16,045 likes
top nine 2017

Number 4 – Giovanni Tondini 14,401 likes
top nine 2017

Number 5 – @pratik.patils2011 14,163 likes

top nine 2017

Number 6 – @hellocolor 12,467 likes
top nine 2017

Number 7 – @danielcarlmatz 12,392 likes
top nine 2017

Number 8 – @t_o_w_e_r_s 12,112 likes
top nine 2017

Number 9 – @ahabnimry 12,084 likes
top nine 2017

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